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Ratha Yatra
150th Birth Centenary Year of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi
Holy Mother Ratha Yatra In Andhra Pradesh
Rajahmundry Ramakrishna Math has organized a Ratha Yatra in connection with the 150th Birth anniversary of Holy Mother. Though it is possible to have meetings and publications in many place one after other, the Ratha Yatra programme is unique for one reason. By this Ratha Yatra it is possible to have wide coverage of many towns and villages including interior villages, public meetings, cultural programmes and free distribution of books on Holy Mother in one stroke. In this programme public involvement is more than the mere public meetings held for this purpose. The Ratha goes through the important streets of the villages in procession and many people are able to see the Ratha Yatra. Along with Ratha Yatra books are distributed freely along the streets. Even those who are not aware of the Ramakrishna Movement got the books.
The Programme:
The programme covered seven districts of costal Andhra Pradesh touching as many as 1000 villages and towns lasting for about 26 days. Total length of the Ratha Yatra is around 3000 km. Along with Ratham one vehicle followed with books and pictures on Holy Mother for sale. One more vehicle followed with monks and volunteers. The Ratham team consisted of three monks and eleven volunteers in addition to three drivers. Wherever the Ratham went, the people in those places received with auspicious musical instruments and offered garlands and other offerings to the Holy Mother. This is followed by a procession through the village. After the procession there were public meetings with lectures and cultural programmes.



Ratham Ratham
Ratham Front View Ratham Rear View
Ratham Ratham
Deepa Puja on the Concluding Day Procession in a Village


During the procession, varieties of traditional dances and Bhajans were conducted. Participants displayed banners with sayings of Holy Mother. In certain areas women came with Purna Kumbha in heads waiting for about two hours for the Ratham.
In many places students from educational institutions were participated in the processions. Three to five hundred devotees and well-wishers participated in the processions. In public meetings that followed the processions, monks and other local dignitaries gave talks on life and teachings of Holy Mother.
Distribution of Literature on Holy Mother:
A booklet on life and teachings ‘Sarada Devi Sukti Sudha’ has been published specially for this purpose. 60,000 copies of this book and 15,000 copies of three more books were distributed during the programme. 60,000 copies of a picture card containing a beautiful photo of Holy Mother with her sayings on the reverse also distributed.


Book Card
'Sri Sarada Devi Sukti Sudha'
A Book Distributed Free of Cost
A Card Distributed Free of Cost
Front and Rear Views


When they saw the Mother’s image on the Ratha, they felt that the Mother has really visited their villages. People had the satisfaction of having the Darshan of Mother and her blessings.

Four Ramakrishna Math & Mission centers (Vijayawada, Vizag, Hyderabad in addition to Rajahmundry involved in the programme. Sarada Math, Guntur also participated.

The programme came to a close with a concluding function held at Rajahmundry on 22nd October with cultural programme and a special Ashtottara Nama Puja in which 150 women participated.